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Sysco Today is published six times per year for the valued and prospective customers of Sysco. To inquire about receiving a printed copy, please see your local foodservice consultant. To view Sysco Today online, click here. Make sure to check out the feature on Old Country Market in Coombs, BC on page 11!



Sysco Victoria delivers hundreds of locally grown and manufactured items. Click here for a list of commonly sourced local items.

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Sysco Victoria submitted a Teddy Bear to this years Bear Wear in support of the Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children, and won the best dressed bear award. Check out why we think this is a very important cause here.



Consumers Will Take Their Meals To Go
Consumers' demand for convenience will escalate in 2006. Thirty-four percent of adults say purchasing takeout food is essential to the way they live, and more restaurants are providing new to-go options, according to the National Restaurant Association's 2006 Restaurant Industry Forecast. Next year, watch for increased availability of curbside service, drive-through, delivery and takeout -- especially at full-service restaurants. What else will consumers look for in 2006?

Chocolate May Feed More than Sweet Tooth
Doctor Says Chocolate Stimulates Brain

Chocoholics, listen up: The creamy treat may be your biggest weakness, but new research says indulging may do more than feed your sweet tooth, reported KXAS-TV in Dallas. If anyone knows about chocolate, it's Dr. Susan Delaney.

"Dark chocolate has six times the antioxidants of the next natural food, the blueberry. It's a health food," said Delaney, of Plano, Texas. "People have bars of gold. I have bars of chocolate."

The chocolate connoisseur means that, literally. She has taste-tested pieces from all over the world. And her stash fills a wine refrigerator.

"Chocolates are filled with drugs," Delaney said.

Scientists say the food of the gods reacts with the brain to stimulate the same high as falling in love. And the good feeling stays longer in the system, thanks to some properties similar to Prozac.

"It lights up your brain. It helps you focus; it helps you concentrate," Delaney said. But Delaney said there could be too much of a good thing. Overdose and your heart will beat faster, your concentration will drop, and sleep will become elusive.

Americans Eat Smart When Dining Out
Nearly three in four adults (72%) say they are trying to eat more healthfully in restaurants than they did two years ago, according to the association's 2006 Restaurant Industry Forecast. More than half of all operators, in both the quick-service and table-service segments, reported greater customer demand for entree salads and bottled water now compared to two years ago, as well as increased interest in wraps, pitas and tortillas.

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